Wednesday 27 May 2009

In Memoriam Hans Holzer 1920-2009

‘Elvis speaks from Beyond the Grave! Here is the evidence gathered by Professor Hans Holzer from his six-month investigation to prove that the spirit of Elvis Presley survives in a world beyond’ From the jacket copy to Elvis Presley Speaks: The Astonishing Evidence of Spiritual Contact with Elvis from Beyond the Grave, published as a New English Library paperback in 1980, but first available from Manor Books in 1978.

HH... ‘Who the hell is Red?’
DS... ‘Red West. They wrote that book.’
HH...‘Why does he send his apologies?’
DS...‘He says, if they feel they’ve been hurt in any way, he didn’t mean it.’

For the remainder of the séance, Elvis spoke about the other side, and when asked, by Hans Holzer, if his mother was with him all the time he replied, ‘no.’ Elvis said he tried to contact his father in dreams for the purpose of telling him to: ‘Stop the counterfeit Elvis Presleys’ and to ‘keep an eye on his daughter.’ Elvis also said that he had been contacted by another psychic named ‘Wright.’ In life, Elvis was acquainted with Indiana psychic, Lou Wright, whom he met through Charlie Hodge.This ends Part I. Next, messages on Colonel Parker, Charlie Hodge, and others...

To read transcripts of the 1978 Elvis Presley séances, click here.

‘Record player inside the table plays mystery voice that controls the séance’ - text on Séance game box top reproduced above (courtesy of, which features a great selection of other supernatural and glow-in-the-dark board games from the 1970s)

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