Tuesday 17 July 2012

Science and Technology in Art Today

As explained in my previous post, this has been a fairly quiet blog of late, mainly because I am devoting all of my time this summer to completing my new book for Strange Attractor Press. There a few other things happening in the background, a couple of exciting record and anthology releases and a live appearance due soon, but I will deal with them in the full course of time – along with my site report on the Only Connect festival in Oslo, where I had an amazing time in the company of Felix Kubin and Charlemagne Palestine (both of whom know how to entertain a body) plus one or two other outstanding items. In the meantime this blog will remain in its suspended-animation pod until the autumn and the completion of my book. See you all soon.

Pictured above: front cover of Science and Technology in Art Today by Jonathan Benthall, published by Thames and Hudson, 1972 – they had real science and technology back then.