Monday 14 May 2012

‘Alien Transmissions’ at Sonores

This has proved to be a very busy year for me so far, trying to complete The Bright Labyrinth while at the same time keeping up my usual frenetic schedule of lectures, workshops and seminars. I have not yet had a chance to completely write up all my notes from my recent visit to the Sonores Festival in Portugal last week. Fortunately the Radio Sonores website has posted a recording of my late-night lecture, ‘Alien Transmissions: Sputnik I, Marshall McLuhan and the Voices of Space’, which is an expanded version of one I gave at Space Studios in September 2010. Also available from the Sonores site is a fine sequence of photographs taken by Teresa Ribeiro, a selection of which is reproduced above. My thanks to all who helped make the Friday-night lecture such a pleasurable experience. OK – more soon.