Sunday 21 April 2013

The Psychoanalysis of Trash at Goldsmiths College

MA Aural and Visual Cultures and English Heretic Present:
Weekend OtherWorld 

Weekend OtherWorld imagines a parallel present where the forensic documentary intensity of 1970s television, seen in World In Action, Man Alive, Weekend World and Chronicle, still exists, but the reporting all comes from a sorcerous angle. What if the earnest authority of these programmes could be extended to the aesthetics of the occult? Weekend OtherWorld will feature a mixture of lectures and performances on topics such as the haunted shoreline; horror film locations; the psychoanalysis of trash; aesthetic psychopathology; revolutionary sacrifice; eerie capitalism. Participants will include: Tristam Adams, Anthony Clayton, Lisa Cradduck, John Cussans, Blue Firth, Mark Fisher, Laura Oldfield Ford, Will Fowler, Hannah Gilbert, Alison Gill, English Heretic, Ken Hollings, Dean Kenning, Mark Pilkington, Haunted Shoreline, Cerys Thomas, Nicola Woodham 

On Saturday April 27, I will be talking once again about the Psychoanalysis of Trash at Goldsmiths College in London and once again I will be doing so in the presence of worshipful company. Expect more on the intertwined subjects of Ludwig II of Bavaria and Wagner, Elvis and Michael Jackson, alchemy and dandyism. There will be accompanying images of rococo interiors, remote castles, secret grottos and imperial libraries plus a suitably Wagnerian soundtrack from Asterism. Also taking part are my old friends Mark Pilkington, Mark Fisher, Haunted Shoreline and John Cussans – presiding magister once again will be English Heretic. Click here for further details from the Goldsmith College website. The event starts at 1.00 pm and admission is free – so all you have to lose is your body, mind and soul.

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Pictured above: Neuschwanstein, King Ludwig II of Bavarias castle dedicated to the operas of Richard Wagner. It was from this tower that Ludwig attempted to throw himself in an effort to claim his own life and therefore avoid being deposed as mentally unfit to serve as king.