Friday 22 May 2009

Cathi Unsworth Knows Where You Live

The latest hard copy from crime novelist and Bohemian London’s most favoured femme fatale Cathi Unsworth is that a free music download has just been posted on her new website.

‘My dear pal Pete Woodhead - the maestro behind the Shaun of the Dead soundtrack and sometime Son of Silence – has crafted me a murderous soundtrack,’ she writes. ‘We hope to make this the first in a series of spooky sonic sojourns.’ I hope so too.

Also of interest on Cathi’s website is a YouTube clip of the short feature she made for BBC London News to promote the crime anthology London Noir. The footage shows her reading from her own story ‘Trouble Is A Lonesome Town’ in its Kings Cross location, plus part of the opening to my contribution ‘Betamax’, set against the glass and steel towers of Canary Wharf.

The piece was first broadcast on August 14, 2006, having been postponed from its original TX due to the airport terror alerts. Fellow contributor Martyn Waites and I had been invited to do a live studio segment on the book as part of the feature, but this was cancelled to make room for coverage of the security alert – as if two more talking heads discussing violent death was going to make any difference at the time. Still it’s wonderful to have the pleasure to see and hear Cathi reading so beautifully from ‘Betamax’ – and also salutary to be reminded once again that the August 06 security measures are still in place. Are you carrying any liquids of any kind? End transmission.

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