Saturday 23 January 2010

‘Welcome to Mars’ at Strange Attractor Salon

The Planet Mars, I’m happy to report, remains everyone’s holiday destination of choice, which meant that the most recent live version of the audiovisual performance based on my book Welcome to Mars took place before a capacity audience at Viktor Wynd Fine Art. Not one of the gallery’s old tube-metal school assembly chairs was left unoccupied, with standing-room only at the back for latecomers.

It was a real pleasure to be working once again with Bruce Woolley and Mark Pilkington providing a live electronic accompaniment to my reading. The result was a busy and intense set that drew a warm response from those who attended. My thanks to everyone involved, particularly Agent Jbot who took these pictures. And to Bruce and Mark: my deep appreciation and respects as always.

Pictured above: two views of KH at the microphone; Bruce Woolley listening in to the soul of the machine; Mark Pilkington at his electronic prayer mat.

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