Thursday 17 December 2009

Krautrock Kristmas Broadcast Details

Over the holiday period Resonance FM will be broadcasting the Krautrock Kristmas Special I recorded late last month with David Stubbs, Mark Pilkington, David Knight and Frances Morgan. Also taking part was Nikos Kotsopoulos, editor of Black Dog Publishing’s recent volume Krautrock: Cosmic Rock and Its Legacy, which features my essay ‘Background Radiation: The West German Republic Tunes Into Cosmos’, as well as the kind of erudite contributions the reading public have come to expect from messrs Stubbs and Pilkington.

The Special’s format is as predicted: the final cut of the show will be go out first in two separate one-hour shows, on December 23 and December 24 at 8.30 pm on both occasions, and then one more time in a special two-hour extended version on Boxing Day, December 26, once again at 8.30 pm. Things can change, however, so it might also be a good idea to check either this blog or the Resonance schedules a little nearer the time. You never know.

Either way, expect an expansive wide-ranging mix of analysis, reflection and recollection, plus a selection of krautrock klassiks by the likes of Faust, NEU!, Kraftwerk, Harmonia and Cluster. From the West German Local Galaxy to the Outer Reaches of the Kosmos, keep it Krautrock this Kristmas.

Pictured above: the Flame Nebula, with thanks to io9 - for more amazing images, visit their site using this link.


Neil said...

Just listened to this show i guess a rebroadcast? on resonance fm, and it was very good. though i cant find a playlist for the show, a google search brought me here. Can you please tell me what the last song that was played at the end of the first show, it was beautiful, sounded kind of like radiohead, If you could please help or i will go mad not knowing.

Ken Hollings said...

You know what, Neil? I'm not 100% sure what it was myself - I'll check with the laptop jockies who were running the music feed and get back to you about it - either email me direct or wait for another comment on this post - help is on the way!

Mark Pilkington said...

Hmm, my guess is it was either Popul Vuh - something from the Nosferatu soundtrack? Or perhaps Harmonia, something from Deluxe. I didn't hear the actual broadcast edit so I'm not entirely sure.

Neil said...

Thanks for the replies, I have checked out that Harmonia album with no luck and I have Nosferatu on dvd and I can't remember it being in that. The song I'm looking for has a odd distorted almost unintelligible vocal with a sparse backing featuring occasional watery sounds, if that helps?

Ken Hollings said...

Aha! From your description, Neil, the piece you are after is 'Lieber Honig', closing track to the first NEU! album...yeah, that one will definitely put a hook into you