Friday 4 December 2009

Biting Tongues Play A Factory Night At Plan-K

Biting Tongues are part of the bill for a special event at Plan-K in Brussels on December 12 next week. A Factory Night (and then again) - and it looks like being a long one too - features performances by A Certain Ratio and Section 25, screenings, an exhibition and DJ sets that go until 6.00am, effectively making it a small-scale festival dedicated to the memory of Factory Records and its many connections and influences. The members of Biting Tongues are looking forward to renewing some old acquaintances, least of all with each other, and encountering a few ghosts from the past. If nothing else, the event will allow everyone to contemplate the strange relationship between the early MCR industrial music scene and a city that is home to the Atomium, Tintin and David’s Death of Marat. Expect a full report in due course – or come and join the show, if you can’t wait that long - in which case you may need to know the following:

Presale: 25€ (+ costs) (afterparty included)
Night and Day
Caroline Brussels
France: FNAC
Other countries:
France Billet
At the door: 30€ (afterparty included)
Afterparty only: 10€ (after 0:00)

Time Schedule

18:00 doors
Muffin (dj set)
19:00 The Names (with strings)
X-Pulsiv (dj set)
19:50 The Wake
Muffin (dj set)
20:50 Biting Tongues
Gore (dj set)
21:30 Screening:
Looking for the Light through the Pouring Rain
(Kevin Cummins & Graham Massey)
21:50 Section 25
Gore (dj set)
23:10 A Certain Ratio
0:10 Graham Massey (dj set)
1:00 Re:Order
Tom Moderne (dj set)
Muffin (dj set)
Gore (dj set)
X-Pulsiv (dj set)
6:00 curfew

Plan K / La Raffinerie
Rue de Manchester 21 - 1080 Brussels

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