Friday, 2 October 2009

With Mark Boswell at the Horse Hospital

Combining Mark Boswell’s feature film The Subversion Agency with a reading from Welcome To Mars made for a lively evening at the Horse Hospital earlier this week. However, so far as Mark and I were concerned, most of the real fun came from being invited to look around the Contemporary Wardrobe Collection by Roger Burton before the show. Our thanks to everyone at the Horse Hospital for their generous welcome and kind hospitality. Mark will be returning to the UK early in 2010 to continue work on his new film Nova Conspiracy – I saw the trailer at the Cambridge Film Festival and it looks like another twisted tale of rogue agents, megalomaniacal plotting and geopolitical intrigue in the Epcot Centre. Walk – don’t run – to the nearest exit.

Pictured above from top to bottom: Sailor Moon in Pink (photo by Mark Boswell); Mark and Roger check out a rare item; KH reading from Welcome To Mars during the show (photo by Mark Boswell).

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