Wednesday 1 April 2009

Welcome to Mars at Spectra 09

I am very pleased and proud to announce that I will be presenting a reading from Welcome to Mars as part of this year’s Spectra 09 symposium on the relationship between conspiracy and contemporary culture. The event will be taking place this weekend, and I will be appearing on the Saturday evening at the Octubre CCC, Sant Ferran, 12 - 46001 València in Spain. For more information on this event check out the truly exceptional Spectra 09 website. Also on the Saturday-night programme will be a subtitled screening of Craig Baldwin’s most recent filmic mind-bender Mock Up Mu.

Note: for those unable to attend this fascinating symposium, Spectra TV will be offering live online coverage, together with 24-hour access to conspiracy films, TV shows and archive footage from Spectra 08. Those who remain uninformed have only themselves to blame.

Top picture: KH presents Welcome to Mars in the underground labyrinth at the Shunt Vault last November – photograph taken by Agent King.

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