Monday 4 August 2008

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It is clear from his latest collaboration with artist Victoria Halford that writer Steve Beard does not believe in accidents. His characters tend to crawl towards their destiny, just as Walt Disney did – stranded on the afterlife plane, haunted by his demon brother – in Beard’s script for the London Fieldworks film 'Hibernator'.

It would be a shame to dwell in too much depth upon the narrative for Halford and Beard’s ‘Czar 52 Crash’, the latest release from Tony White’s Piece of Paper Press. As with previous limited-edition offerings in this series, Halford and Beard use both sides of their A4 sheet to great effect: the result is 16-page graphic novella in which a flight-path map, an altitude indicator display screen and a cockpit voice recorder transcript tell a story that might have you watching the skies a little closer than usual. Not all those planes overhead are there for your protection.

‘More secret history,’ Beard cheerfully observes, and you know he’s right. The history we already know is the one we’re most ready to forget.

To order your copy of ‘Czar 52 Crash’ (POPP .022), which is distributed free by post, email Piece of Paper Press at

The schematic of the B-52 is from

Be nice to both of them.

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