Monday 21 July 2008

Radio Science Orchestra Review

A review by Andy Sharp, responsible for the amazing English Heretic site, of Memories of the Future, a live audiovisual collaboration between the Radio Science Orchestra and myself, has just appeared in the August issue of The Wire. The performance took place on April 25 2008 in the main auditorium at Bath University at the invitation of the Institute of Contemporary Interactive Arts. I was reading extracts from Welcome To Mars, while the Radio Science Orchestra performed extracts from their latest album release, Memories of the Future.

Memories Of The Future is a brave and highly idiosyncratic undertaking,’ Sharp writes. ‘Combining the information-rich commentary of writer Ken Hollings, the music of The Radio Science Orchestra and a dense visual narrative, they manage to execute their concept with considerable panache and charm.’

The full text of his review can be found on the Radio Science Orchestra website

To find out more about the Radio Science Orchestra, and listen to some of their streamlined, electronic easy listening click here

To commune with the spirits, avail yourself here

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