Wednesday 12 October 2011

Worm Eats Bear – A Special Evening Just For You from the Tapeworm

The following information is currently being circulated by my good friends at Touch – I hope to see you at this fascinating event taking place on the evening of October 20:
Announcing a special evening of Bankside performances curated by The Tapeworm, as part of the Merge Festival. London’s finest cassette-only label, The Tapeworm, presents its third annual event in the Capital. Exemplary music and much excitement is to be expected from a line-up of the label’s mates.
Mr Ken Hollings, a writer of note, shall be reading his text from the first Bookworm publication, to be launched on this very same night. Sweden’s BJ Nilsen will be flying in and making a splendid noise for you all. A second Swede, CM von Hausswolff (...he’s a king, dontchaknow!) will share a stage with Touch’s Mike Harding in a reading of Edgar Allen Poe like none before. Cult vs. occult — former Medicine Head man Peter Hope-Evans and illustrator Savage Pencil  will whip up a dark blue storm. Mr Pencil’s fine drawings will also be on display — exhibition continues 21st to 23rd October, 12 to 6pm. Hopping on the bus from Elephant & Castle is zerocrop and his band; pop perfection from a local lad. And finally, a London eye — video installation by Vicki Bennett, aka People Like Us.

Date: 20.10.11. Time: 7pm – 10.30pm.
Free entry. The Bear Pit, Bear Gardens, London SE1 9EB.
You can download a PDF of the flyer for this event by clicking here – the illustration is by Savage Pencil (who else?)

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