Sunday 26 June 2011

In The Studio With My Cat Is An Alien

I have just returned from a short stay in Turin as a guest of Roberto and Maurizio Opalio who explore sound and space together as My Cat Is An Alien  – we first encountered each other when we performed together on the same bill at Spectra 09, a festival in Valencia dedicated to conspiracy culture. We very much enjoyed each other’s company, so I was very pleased to accept their invitation to visit them in their Alien Studio: a small basement gallery where they create their limited-edition artworks and ‘art edition’ music releases. We managed to cram so much into the two or three days I spent in their company – together with their close collaborator and creative associate Ramona Ponzini – that it will require a few posts to cover everything that happened. I am, however, currently in the process of writing up my experiences for publication in a future issue of The Wire and am also happy to offer here some preview snaps taken inside the Alien Studio with the promise that there will be more fascinating stuff to come.

Pictured above: Roberto Opalio with his Polaroid camera; Roberto and Maurizio Opalio with the wire alien figure featured in Roberto’s film Light_Earth_Blue_Silver; Maurizio Opalio standing in front of some of his artwork; Ramona Ponzini posing with the toy alien figure featured in Roberto’s film Alien Blood

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