Saturday 19 March 2011

'Requiem for the Network' on BBC Radio 3

Starting at 11.00 pm on Monday March 21 and continuing throughout the entire week, I shall be presenting ‘Requiem for the Network’, a sequence of five late-night talks on BBC Radio 3. The series explores how the network has extended the range of our senses but also compromised them.

As weaponry systems, commercial enterprises, banking and home entertainment draw increasingly upon the same operating platforms, the neutrality of the network is open to question. Perhaps the most appropriate model for understanding the enduring nature of the network is the Labyrinth: a structure of mystifying complexity where technology, deception and violence all meet. The US military, having been instrumental in developing the Internet, has now withdrawn into its own secret labyrinth, which it considers a safe environment for the transmission of classified data.

‘Welcome to the Labyrinth’ Monday March 21
‘Victorian Search Engines’ Tuesday March 22
‘The Network Goes to War’ Wednesday March 23
‘I’ll Be Your Orange Juice’ Thursday March 24
‘Heads in the Clouds’ Friday March 25

Each talk starts at 23.00 and lasts for fifteen minutes. Turn on, tune in – freak totally out.

Pictured above: in the studio at Henry Wood House, London

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