Monday 17 January 2011

J.-K. Huysmans Against Nature

A new translation of Á Rebours by Roger Baldick
This translation first published 1959

Found inside the book between pages 105 and 106: a London Transport bus ticket number 0573, route 105, stage boarded 09 – fare paid: seven pence.


Anonymous said...

Just read your post on Found Objects. I have this edition as well, but I can go one better; the border of mine is in a gloriously decadent purple! Good luck with the train ticket investigation.

Ken Hollings said...

Hail Mythical Beast,

That sounds wonderful... I used to have a Penguin edition of the Tacitus Annals of Imperial Rome which came bordered in a shade of purple similar to the one you describe - just as an emperor's toga should be. I had no idea that Penguin varied the colours of the border in such a fashion - perhaps in this case the bus ticket trapped in this volume is the wrong line of inquiry - thanks for the thought