Friday, 8 October 2010

‘Bright Labyrinth’ extract now available online in #3

‘The welcome is a transitory ritual to which we are all long accustomed. Words of welcome indicate a point of entry where we might not otherwise detect one.’
According to a recent email from Hana Tanimura, the first issue of #3, a new journal she has co-founded and co-edits with Josh McNamara and Neal MacInnes dedicated to eradicating the dialectics of communication by adopting the ‘third position’. Alongside contributions from Zanele Muholi, Paolo Pedercini, and Kay Rose, among others, is an extract from my forthcoming book The Bright Labyrinth: Sex, Death and Design in the Digital Regime. Comprising the first five sections of the opening chapter, ‘Welcome to the Labyrinth’ should give you some idea of the feel and structure of the finished book. The journal itself looks fabulous, and I very pleased to have this early extract from the book to be available in this format. To download a PDF of the #3 please click here. A limited-edition print version of the issue will be available later in the year. Please check this blog for further announcements.

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