Saturday, 15 May 2010

TX5/12 Dream Regression Therapy

Julian House wafted in from a cold grey day to prerecord the latest episode of ‘Hollingsville’, ‘Dreams: While The City Sleeps’. As with all Ghost Box emanations, it has hard not to feel the slight thrill of something communicating from another dimension. Belbury Poly and The Focus Group are both entities that work best when overheard rather than listened to directly; they tend to come at you from the very edges of perception where somehow the past has managed to take over. Perhaps it was just as well that the show was recorded under laboratory conditions, as it is entirely possible that the waves generated by Mr House’s presence might have dispersed like a phantom blip on an oscilloscope. My thanks to him for taking the time out of his busy schedule to participate: there was, as William Burroughs and Bryon Gysin once predicted, a Third Mind in operation during the programme, but we cannot identify its identity or nature at this stage. Suffice to say that Julian House’s short film Phenomena and Occurrences, Belbury and Froun Area, mentioned during the course of the programme, contains some clues. My thanks also go to David Knight for his ethereal interludes – safe in their own spaces, our ghosts will sleep well tonight. And now here’s that Time magazine report on Dali’s Dream of Venus again in full:

‘Upon a 36-foot red-satin bed called ‘The Ardent Couch’ an unclad Venus lies dreaming. Of her uninhibited dreams, the first – an underwater vision called ‘Venus’s Pre-Natal Chateau Beneath the Water’ – is the real crowd-catcher. A long glass tank is filled with such subaqueous decor as a fireplace, typewriters with fungus-like rubber keys, rubber telephones, a man made of rubber ping-pong bats, a mummified cow, a supine rubber woman painted to resemble, the keyboard of piano. Whatever this may mean as art, the exhibitors did not dilly-Dali over it. Into the tank they plunged living girls, nude to the waist and wearing little Gay Nineties girdles and fishnet stockings. Swimming, grimacing, doing the Suzy Q, milking the cow, playing ‘the piano’, these Lady Godivers seen at close range and a trifle water-magnified, should win more converts to Surrealism than a dozen high-brow exhibitions.’

- Time Magazine ‘World’s Fairs: Pay As You Enter’ June 26, 1939

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Pictured from top to bottom: Julian House in the process of dematerializing; the Third Mind in operation (not shown)

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