Tuesday 23 February 2010

Lecture Five: Spaces

Even our cities dream: from the world fair pavilions to the radical architectural theories of Archigram and the Metabolists, space has become a highly protean and powerful element in design practice – looking back to the early arrangements of cinematic space created in the 18th century to the interconnected ‘ubiquitous cities’ developed along the Pacific Rim during the early years of the 21st century, our approach to space has influenced the way we think and behave. In this lecture we’ll be looking at concepts of the transformation of ‘unreal’ modernist city into the ‘non-places’ of postmodern anthropology and on to the live networked conurbations of today and conducting a little future archaeology into the abandoned online ruins of tomorrow.

Context themes covered: time/space, spectacle, panoptics, psychology

Useful research and sites worth visiting:

Tokyo Must Be Destroyed
MediaLab Urban Screens Seminar
America’s Ghost Malls
Decay of Detroit
Dubai: The Towers We Will Never See
Dubai Star Wars sets
Future Archaeologies
Auroville: Laboratory of Evolution
Chernobyl Tourist Guide
City as Battlesuit for Surviving the Future

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Embedded YouTube clip above: Archigram/Plug In City animation

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