Thursday 14 January 2010

UltraBrutal: The Spanish Have A Word For It

Just in time for a new decade in a new millennium, a copy of UltraBrutal, the latest publication from Spanish writer Mike Ibáñez, arrived in the post over the holidays – and my eyes are still stinging from coming into contact with it. UltraBrutal is described by its author as ‘una novella tabloide’: mainly because it is deeply sensationalist and written in the tersest possible prose but mostly because it has lots of repulsive pictures in it. Alien porn movies? Check. National Enquirer headlines? Double check. The theology of Mutually Assured Destruction? The sexual appeal of Anorexic Barbie dolls? The Nike swoosh as universal signifier of our godless global condition? Man, this stuff never gets old... I may have to learn Spanish just to keep up with it all.

Mike first told me about his novel when we met at Spectra 09 – the annual conference of conspiracy culture – in Spain last year. He even explained the plot to me while we were huddled together in the portico of Valencia Cathedral, queuing to see the actual Holy Grail, which is said to have resided there for centuries in all its bejewelled glory. Unfortunately, we had been huffing lighter fluid quite heavily all morning and were about to go onto the crystal meth – an activity which would see us both being refused access to the cathedral, and in Holy Week as well – so we were both stammering and slurring our words by then. Mike will probably say he doesn't remember any of that happening, but I still have his teeth marks in my arm to prove it. No, really. Whatever UltraBrutal is about, it’s bound to be real nasty, so click here to order your copy online today.

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