Wednesday 6 January 2010

Strange Attractor Salon

Strange Attractor is setting up its Salon for the first time since 2007, this time at Viktor Wynd Fine Art in mystic Hackney, and it looks like being the most ambitious SA event to date. As well as a permanent exhibition of graphic arcana from some of the best practitioners in the business, there will a whole series of live events to keep the public guessing. Confirmed contributing artists include:

Phil Baker * Joel Biroco * Richard Brown * Ossian Brown * John Coulthart * Rod Dickinson * Disinformation * English Heretic * Tessa Farmer * Blue Firth * Alison Gill * Doug Harvey * Josephine Harvatt * Ken Hollings * Stewart Home * Julian House * Ali Hutchinson * Alyssa Joye * Maud Larsson * Gary Lachman * Xtina Lamb * John Lundberg * Man From Uranus * Eleanor Morgan * Frances Morgan * Drew Mulholland * Bridget Nicholls * Oscillatorial Binnage * Katie Owens * Edwin Pouncey * Arik Roper * Gavin Semple * Martin Sexton * USURP * Robert Wallis * Catharyne Ward * Eric Wright

On January 22, I’ll be sharing an evening with the crowned and conquering English Heretic. ‘Astounding Stories’ will surely find us both plunging deep into pop culture weirdness of every kind. The following description is from Mark Pilkington’s recent post announcing the SA Salon:

Astounding Stories: Live performances from English Heretic and Welcome to Mars

English Heretic creates verdant, darkly humorous soundscapes for the darkest recesses of the English imagination. The magical texts of Kenneth Grant and the occult fictions of Sax Rohmer form an uneasy alliance, accompanied by a musical backdrop that glides effortlessly from Motown to 70s progressive horror rock. Ken Hollings reads from his book Welcome to Mars: Fantasies of Science in the American Century with a live, improvised soundtrack of 1950s electronica for analogue synthesisers, reel-to-reel tapes and theremin from Simon James and Bruce Woolley

Let no face be turned away.

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