Tuesday 19 January 2010

Ken Hollings Reads From His Book ‘Welcome To Mars’

Ken Hollings reads from his book "Welcome to Mars" from blackbeltjones on Vimeo.

The above clip, courtesy of blackbeltjones, a true hero of modern science, was posted about a year ago, but I only recently discovered it. The reading was part of the launch event at the Horse Hospital to mark the publication of Welcome To Mars and serves as a handy reminder that I will be also be reading from it this Friday evening at Viktor Wynd Fine Art as part of the Strange Attractor Salon’s Astounding Stories night – see Google Calendar elsewhere on this page for more details.

Unfortunately, Simon James will not be performing at this event as previously billed, but I am very happy to announce that Mark Pilkington has kindly agreed to join Bruce Woolley onstage to produce a suitably radiophonic soundtrack to my reading: the first time the three of us have performed together since the second night of Mondo Mancunia back in 2008 - I'm really looking forward to the encounter in what The Other Cinema in San Francisco described as 'a sub-pop Cult Study of Fifties America, on the bizarre intersection of cybernetics, behavior modification, atomic weapons, and UFOs, highlighting how these currents were refracted through the visual surfaces of popular culture, domestic design,and suburban living.'

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