Thursday 22 October 2009

The Simonsound’s ‘Tour de Mars’ Lets ‘Em Know

News has come in from Simon James, who created the amazing electronic scores and effects for the Welcome to Mars podcast series, that the Simonsound are set to follow their first 7” ‘It’s Just Begun’ with an FX-laden deep space reworking of Kraftwerk’s ‘Tour de France’ (heavy on the drums). ‘Tour de Mars' is a big and bold dance track from the future we never had. This is the real Big Ring: the race we were destined for. The flipside is ‘Baker’s Dozen’: inspired by the work of BBC Radiophonic Workshop composer John Baker, famous for taking everyday sounds and using them to create music, warping the minds of whole generations as a consequence.

Before establishing themselves as the Simonsound, Simon James and Matt Ford have been working together on various projects over the years. You may have heard their work together before on Matt’s albums under his guise as DJ Format, on which Simon assisted with production and mixed all vocals. In this day of limited vinyl sales the Simonsound defied the odds to sell the 1000 self-pressed copies of their debut 7” ‘It’s Just Begun’, which has been played and praised around the world by DJs like Cut Chemist, DJ Muro, Edan and Florian Keller. A debut album, Reverse Engineering, teeters confidently on the edge of release.

The single ‘Tour de Mars’ is available from the 2nd November 2009 on 7" vinyl and as a digital download from Bandcamp

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