Sunday 11 October 2009

Iron Man Comes to Belbury

‘And there are moments when you half expect to catch a glimpse of yourself on a crowded street, talking intimately with strangers you don’t recognize – or to find that someone who looks extraordinarily similar to you has taken your place, and neither your family nor your friends seem to have noticed the difference. We live much closer to these different parallel worlds than you could possibly imagine: coincidences and other strange simultaneous happenings are just one clear manifestation of their existence. Who knows what might emerge from them next to trouble our imaginations?’ – Stanley De Brath, M. Inst. C.E.

Pictured above: covers for the latest story in the Marvel Comics series The Invincible Iron Man, ‘Stark: Disassembled’; Julian House’s cover art for Ghost Box album releases Ritual and Education and Ouroborindra.

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