Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Moon Landing Enjoyed By All

Despite three consecutive days of black clouds and heavy rain, which made the completion of a replica Lunar Module all but impossible, the Moon Landing Party still managed to shine. High points included Mayming, backed by the Sisters of Transistors, giving their all to an exquisite reading of ‘Lunar Rhapsody’ from Les Baxter’s Music out of the Moon album, Paddy Steer’s bug-eyed-monster reinterpretation of Joe Meek’s I Hear A New World, and the multiplex Apollo Mission video projections that seemed to fill the entire space. I was given the run of an entire upstairs studio at the Islington Mill, which proved to be ideal for presenting my Welcome to Mars reading, giving the piece the feel of a staged installation.

Pictured above: Semay Wu and Seaming To of Mayming getting lunar, KH paying humble tribute to the late great Walter Cronkite, foremost anchorman of the American Century. Images courtesy of Graham Massey.

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