Tuesday 16 June 2009

Big Vaudeville Presents Lonely Creatures at the Green Room

BIG VaudeVille is proud to present Lonely Creatures in association with Biting Tongues Arts Lab: A Spanish tale of romance that drifts alarmingly away from its starting point; a Japanese scientist obsessed with notions of unrequited love; an announcer struggling to recap the increasingly complicated plot of an old television serial – welcome to the world of the Lonely Creatures. Only ever heard and never seen: these are the voices of individuals who can no longer connect with the people around them. Inhabiting a universe where nothing seems to fit, least of all the Lonely Creatures themselves, they dream of aliens and monsters, world domination and sordid sexual intrigues…

Following the sell-out shows Earthquakeland, Ego in Exotica Sum and Dr X: a Version of Events, Biting Tongues Arts Lab in association with VaudeVille present Lonely Creatures - a unique cinematic event. Six short films with live score and voices, performed by Graham Massey, Ken Hollings and Howard Walmsley with intense musical interludes featuring HotBone.

Presented as a series of six short films made up of conflicting images, words and soundtracks, Lonely Creatures is a fragmented study of isolation and obsession, fantasy and collapse: each one a portrait that is at once haunting and funny, disturbing yet oddly familiar.

“…the spectacle is worth the price of admission alone”

Fri 19th June, 7:30pm - see Google Calendar for more details

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