Saturday 7 March 2009

FT Praise for Welcome to Mars

The April 2009 issue of Fortean Times – the only FT that currently matters in these financially depraved times – has run a highly positive review of Welcome to Mars, giving the book a 10/10 rating: something apparently quite unprecedented in the history of its book page.

‘Erik Davis describes Welcome to Mars as a non-fiction Gravity’s Rainbow,’ writes FT contributor Mark Greener in his review, ‘I was also reminded of The Illuminatus! Trilogy. Welcome to Mars seems to originate from a similar intellectual ferment as Shea and Wilson’s masterpiece, uses a similar narrative style, has the same potent ability to change perceptions and attitudes about ourselves and the world, and has the same persistence in your consciousness. There is, for a fortean, no higher accolade. Welcome to Mars is, quite simply, essential reading.’

Caesar be damned – praise from Fortean Times is praise indeed.

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Claire Harmer said...

wow ken, that is fabulous! totally deserved no less.