Thursday 18 December 2008

In-Phlight Reading

The final live event scheduled for 2008 was a reading at Phlight before a very select audience of invited guests on the night of December 17. It’s a small space but an ideal one for an intimate evening. Simon Tyszko made me comfortable on an improvised stool and arranged for a small lamp to be carefully positioned right behind me by the kitchen sink, where a makeshift lectern had been set up.

My reading was from Welcome to Mars with an audiovisual accompaniment on DVD, featuring the electronic tonalities of Simon James and montage by Bruce Woolley, very similar to the one presented at the Other Cinema in San Francisco back in September. A video projector had been set up on top of the Dakota wing, above the audience's heads; and the screen itself was a magnificently crumpled expanse of ship's sail, the right-hand corner of which was held in place with a powerful magnet extracted, Simon told me, from an old Mac hard drive. David Ellis was busy in the background, documenting the entire reading on video for a future post of the Phlight website, while Kitty Keen was on hand to take a few pictures.

Through the vertical windows above, we can consequently see, under the majestic shadow of the wing: NORAD warning, the audience warming, Starman flying and Thelma Tadlock dancing. It was truly a memorable night. My thanks to everyone who took part.

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