Friday 21 October 2011

The Tapeworm Turns

You couldn’t pick the venue out from any of the other post-industrial firetraps currently passing for gallery and performance spaces on major land masses from Brooklyn to Berlin – although the toilet cubicle knocked together from plywood boards at the back of the room would certainly have made Henry David Thoreau blush with pride. The evening itself, however, could not have been more special: Worm Eats Bear was a series of short, tightly focussed pieces from artists closely associated with the Tapeworm cassette-only label and audiovisual publishing powerhouse Touch. I was there to read my introductory essay to The Art of Worms, a 100-page booklet containing reproductions of the cover art from the first twenty-five tapes released by Tapeworm. It is a truly handsome volume, and I shall be plugging it relentlessly in future posts; but meanwhile, here is your chance to enjoy some of the sights sounds and, yes, the smells of a remarkable night.

Pictured from top to bottom: Michael Esposito communes with Edgar Allen Poe and the spirits of angels; Mike Harding and C M von Hausswolff hail the conquering worm, Joachim Nordwall gets serious; BJ Nilsen gets his game on; Edwin Pouncey, Peter Hope-Evans and the Veiled Lady of Harmonia bring some quiet dignity to the proceedings; and KH throws shade while reading ‘Parasitic Infestation’ as photographed by Mike Harding.

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