Saturday 26 November 2011

Live From The Resonance 104.4 FM Studio With My Cat Is An Alien

Ghosts can’t help themselves: they are always where they have to be, not where they want to be – flickering in and out of our perceptions as a series of hesitations, slips of the tongue and linguistic mistakes. The more self-conscious the public were rendered by the encroaching presence of recordings in their lives, the less likely they were to acknowledge the existence of an interior voice. The drama of the ‘all too human’ had to be inferred from its involuntary pauses, hesitations and repetitions: we have been on the alert for the presence of ghosts ever since.
- extract from Ghost Blood Spectrum text

Performing live to air with My Cat Is An Alien and Romana Ponzini was an exhilarating experience; and ‘Ghost Blood Spectrum’ was as intense an assemblage of sounds and texts as I could have wished for. The photos reproduced above were taken just before or during the actual broadcast and convey some sense of the moment. My thanks to everyone involved, especially the studio staff at Resonance 104.4 FM who could not have been more professional or supportive.

Pictured above: Ramona with Japanese percussion; Maurizio Opalio with guitar; Maurizio and Roberto Opalio with guitars and Space Toys; Roberto Opalio at the piano and producer Mark Robins at the controls; Maurizio Opalio tweaking the amplifier; Maurizio Opalio (with camera), Ramona Ponzini (with camera) and Roberto Opalio (with Polaroid camera) – a study in visual harmony

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