Saturday 18 June 2011

Onstage At The British Library With The Radio Science Orchestra

‘The future started a long time ago, and we’ve been living there ever since. The equipment you see on display here, like the music it plays, has come to you from another world – one that is a dim and distant reflection of your own, shifted down towards the furthest end of the spectrum. This is Mars calling, bringing you yesterday’s sounds today…’
It is always a pleasure to take the stage with The Radio Science Orchestra and a rare thrill indeed to bring the whole show to the British Library: my thanks to everyone who took part in a wonderful event, either as performers or members of the audience – and a special thank you to Daily Planet roving shutterbug Kitty Keen for being on hand with her trusty box brownie to capture a few fleeting moments and keep them safe for the future.

Pictured above: KH at the lectern; Joy Smith communing with her orb; Bruce Woolley going seriously analogue with Kit Woolley on bass guitar, KH in a blue mood; Charlie Draper at the Theremin, Joy Smith on the harp and Andy Visser on everything else; KH on the far side.

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