Thursday 14 April 2011

Strange Attractor Journal Four

The fourth incarnation of Strange Attractor Journal has already started walking among you; and that, as always, is something that requires ceremony and celebration. Edited by Mark Pilkington with his usual deftness, the latest volume contains my essay ‘From Atlantis to Mars: The Dream of Venus’, offering another foretaste of The Bright Labyrinth, plus amazing contributions from such luminaries as Erik Davis, Alan Moore, Mike Jay, Andy Sharp and Richard Barnett – together with cover art by Julian House and Joel Biroco. As with the previous three editions, Strange Attractor Journal Four has the weight, heft and depth of a literary anthology: the only thing coming close to it in the past millennium being BLAST, the Vorticist journal put out by Wyndham Lewis and his pals –and that only ran for two issues. Meanwhile Strange Attractor has already announced plans for Journal Five and is now poised to take over London’s trendy Institute of Contemporary Arts  tomorrow evening with a music night to celebrate the launch of Journal Four. Come along if you can – here’s the dope:

Please join us for a night of transcendence, otherness and bliss at the ICA on Friday 15 April for our Strange Attractor music night, Weirding Modules, from 7pm.
This is effectively the launch party for SAJ4, though this time it’s £5 to get in and the drinks aren’t free. But we’ll have SAJ4 available at £10 so that’s not so bad. And you do get some incredible live music:

Alex Tucker and band need no introduction, though tonight Strange Attractor’s own Frances Morgan joins them on violin

The full Amal Gamal Ensemble line up, this heavy kosmische supergroup being the nearest you’ll get to seeing Tangerine Dream circa 1969 anywhere without a functioning time machine.

And Raagnagrok, who were in fine fettle last weekend in Canterbury and will be joined once again by Andy Letcher of Telling the Bees on breton pipes and, for the first time anywhere, the brilliant Paul May on drums and exhibiting artist Nathaniel Mellors on bass.

Frances Morgan doubles up on the decks, joined by the mighty Matt ‘Woebot’ Ingram, for obscure gems from the akashic jukebox.

Looking forward to seeing you there! Booking details for the event can be found in cyberspace by putting your cursor here and briskly clicking a couple of times.

A PDF of the contents pages for Strange Attractor Journal Four can be found by doing the same thing here; and full ordering information for the volume can be found by opening a portal here.

Pictured above: Strange Attractor Four front cover, ‘Peacock Angels’ by Julian House - tenebrae fiunt.

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