Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Catching Up With Dounreay

‘Dounreay Experimental Reactor Establishment, on the northern shore of Scotland, embodies many of the contradictions and lost possibilities of the Atomic Age,’ Gair Dunlop reports on his fascinating new blog, Entropic Modernism. ‘Following initial introductions, and the award of a major grant from the now-departed Scottish Arts Council, I have been granted unprecedented access to the site, to former and current members of staff at all levels, and the nuclear visual archive at Harwell.’ Just starting up but dedicated to ‘joining a range of things together; explorations of semi-abandoned technology, contemporary art, film and visual thinking’, Gair’s explorations should prove essential reading over the coming weeks as the Dounreay core is slowly penetrated. When the music stops, run like blazes.

Pictured above: Dounreay in all its glory, courtesy of Utility Week, surmounted by two images taken with thanks to Gair Dunlop from Entropic Modernism.

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