Thursday 9 September 2010

‘Alien Transmissions’ at SPACE

On the afternoon of Saturday September 11, I am giving a talk at SPACE Studios  in Hackney as part of Charlie Woolley’s ‘Mysterious Cults’ exhibition. The following details are taken from the advance flyer for the event. The talk is called ‘Alien Transmissions: Sputnik, McLuhan and the Voices of Space’ and will be broadcast live from the gallery as part of the closing selection of activities for that day. Those unable to attend will therefore be able to follow the proceedings by clicking here. The following details are taken from the Inheritance Projects press release:

Inheritance Projects  takes over the Radio Show on September 11. Throughout his exhibition at SPACE Mysterious Cults, Charlie Woolley will be broadcasting his Radio Show on stage. He has invited Inheritance to programme a day of live performances, talks and music

‘Heritage Radio’
Radiophonic transmission of legal space, analog radio hardware, Sputnik interference and a radio play
Lawrence Abu Hamdan - talk
Tom Richards - performance
Ken Hollings - talk
Tai Shani - ‘Milky White Light,
Inky Black Hole’ a radio play/performance

129—131 Mare Street
London E8 3Rh
020 8525 4330


Pictured above: display case, Russian Space Museum

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