Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Hollingsville TX6/12 ‘Spaces’

Buildings Dream Too

‘The concept of “place”,’ the editors of Archigram asserted in the 1960s, ‘exists only in the mind.’ As the influence of the airport, the shopping mall, the international hotel and the modern office block impinges upon our consciousness, the concept of ‘place’ becomes increasingly unreal. Networked ‘interactive’ spaces now flicker and whisper around us, conjuring up dreams of data, ghosts of purpose and direction. ‘And suddenly,’ Archigram’s Warren Chalk announced from the pages of the Architectural Forum, ‘the medium is seen to be more important. Architecture will no longer be concerned with individual buildings or groups of buildings, but with forming a permissive environment that is capable of any configuration according to circumstances.’ Space has become haunted; and we have become the phantoms wafting like dreams through our own cities.

In the sixth episode of ‘Hollingsville’, scheduled to go out at 7.00 pm on Thursday May 20 on Resonance 104.4 FM, my studio guests will be Andy Sharp AKA English Heretic cartographer of intense psychic spaces and radical mediumistic ideologue Mark Fisher. Keep a weather eye open for mirages and scale models, spectres and apparitions, tricks of the light and lines of influence. Specially commissioned musical interludes will be by English Heretic with additional moods by ‘Hollingsville’ composer in residence, Graham Massey. Ins and outs are by Indigo Octagon. Hey...what was that sound?

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Pictured above: the Palmenhaus in Vienna, courtesy of wandering shutterbug Kitty Keen

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