Monday, 31 May 2010

Hollingsville Podcast Update

As there has been a brief hiatus in the posting of ‘Hollingsville’ podcasts, this seems like a good time to recap the ones that are currently available:

TX1/12: ‘The Future, Suddenly it’s 1960!’ with Matt Jones and Steve Beard: voodoo science parks, cities as battle suits, pods, capsules and world expos.

TX2/12: ‘Media, The Extensions of God’ with Richard Thomas and Russell Davies: dead media, lo-tech art forms in a hi-tech world and the communications potential of village halls and four-minute podcasts.

TX3/12: ‘Machines, History and Hardware’ with Bruce Woolley and James Bridle: music-making machines, typewriters, early movie cameras, factory assembly lines, opera houses and concert halls.

TX4/12: ‘Networks, Welcome to the Labyrinth’ with Becky Hogge: social networking and online politics, high weirdness and paranoia, ARPANET and the Cold War, CNN and Desert Storm, DRM and balls of wool.

TX5/12: ‘Dreams, While the City Sleeps’ with Julian House: deep-water soundings, lurking sea monsters, phantom sonar activity, the ruins of Atlantis and spectral dream broadcasts from beyond.

Look out for further updates as they become available, either by subscribing to this blog or by visiting the Hollingsville page on the Resonance FM website.

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Pictured above: Skylon, the Festival of Britain, courtesy of Shifty Paradigms

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