Friday, 23 April 2010

Hollingsville TX2/12: Media Blowback

Doing a live broadcast that examines our relationship with technology in terms of today’s media is always going to defy the fates not to roll you a big fat four; so it probably shouldn’t come as any great surprise when the press of a laptop key does absolutely nothing at all. Instead of Indigo Octagon’s splendid opening theme, episode two of Hollingsville, ‘Media: The Extensions of God’ began with what sounded like the crashing of surf mixed with a swirling downpour of volcanic ash in my headphones – this, however, turned out to be my own breathing relayed live, direct and unscripted to the Resonance audience from the studio. After that, things got a little confused.

However, my guests Russell Davies and Richard Thomas spoke with considerable poise on the subject, taking the conversation in some unexpected directions, from on-air cricket commentary as an ambient radio event in which nothing much happens (a concept with which I am now very familiar) to the communications potential of village halls and the four-minute podcast. During the course of the conversation Russell also revealed that Interesting 10 will be taking place at the Conway Hall on Saturday October 9 – so keep watching the skies for more details on that one. My sincere thanks to both Russell and Richard – and to ‘Hollingsville’ composer in residence Graham Massey – for their magnificent contributions. Now let’s make 1967 our best selling year yet.

Those of you who missed TX 2/12 and would like to hear the exciting sounds of me breathing should be advised that ‘Media: The Extensions of God’ will be repeated at 11.00 pm this coming Tuesday April 27 on Resonance 104.4; and that the podcast for TX1/12 ‘The Future: Suddenly it’s 1960!’ is now available from the Resonance website. TX2/12 will join it in due course.

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Pictured above from top to bottom: Richard Thomas discovering radio’s hidden dimension; Russell Davies in good form and as serene as ever

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