Thursday, 11 March 2010

The Future is Back Online

I am very pleased to announce that a revised and expanded version of my essay ‘The Future is Back’, on reading McLuhan in the digital regime, is now available courtesy of the Spring 2010 edition of Otherzine. You can go directly to the piece by clicking here. Also included in issue 18, however, are a couple of great interviews which you may want to check out – Craig Baldwin talking with Bob Dobbs about media ecology and Jack Stevenson interviewing Mike Kuchar on his 1965 underground classic ‘Sins of the Fleshapoids’ – plus an analysis of Antonin Artaud’s film theory from J M Magrini. Otherzine is put together by the fine, fine people at the Other Cinema in San Francisco; and it’s always a pleasure to find a piece of my work in such good company – my thanks to everyone involved.

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Pictured above: the Other Cinema star shines darkly.

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