Wednesday, 17 March 2010

The Atrocity Expedition

I recently went with Mark Pilkington of Strange Attractor, Andy Sharp of English Heretic, and Leila Dear of electronic beat combo Indigo Octagon on a visit to the Crash exhibition – ‘homage to JG Ballard’ – at the Gagosian Gallery in Britannia Street WC1X. A pale sun beat feebly down on bare winter branches. A bobbing Mickey Mouse balloon leered at us from a nearby Starbucks window. Kings Cross had never seemed lovelier. From time to time, usually when we least expected it, Mark would pull out his camera.

Pictured above from top to bottom: KH, Andy Sharp and Leila Dear preparing themselves for another spring in the Northern Hemisphere; turned on by the smell of damp underlay and dusty light fittings, KH and Andy Sharp mistake Mike Nelson’s ‘Preface to the 2004 Edition (Triple Bluff Canyon)’ for an orgone accumulator and start vibrating in unison with some of the images embedded in the old movie-house fixtures used as part of the installation. Leila later observed that the arrangement of the walls in this ‘constructed space’ was, in fact, octagonal. Photographs by Mark Pilkington - who also came up with the title for this post.


Contextual Studies said...
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Contextual Studies said...

I really liked the way it's was so stuffy and stale inside that room installation. I'm glad I went in the side door before seeing how it was made because it was really quite disorientating going in there. It almost seemed as though you were entering a portal or something like that.

Claire Harmer

Ken Hollings said...

Hi Claire - yeah I think we came in through the wrong door so for us it was an orgone accumulator - loved the old movie flyers for 'Alien' displayed in the entrance, particularly as I had just encountered John Hurt looking slightly raddled on the main concourse at Waterloo - but what's with the contextual studies, Claire? You got a job or something?