Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Salve Valeque: In Memoriam 2009

A belated hail to The Belbury Parish Magazine, the instructive new blog from Jim Jupp at Ghost Box, which has been in print since November, and a premature farewell to 2009, along with that traditional form of punishment meted out to old and departing years: the list. The Vicar of Belbury very kindly asked me to compile my Cultural Top Ten of 2009 sometime before Christmas, and I was most happy to oblige. You can find my contribution, along with truly marvellous lists from Woebot and Jonny Trunk, by clicking here. There are also equally great Top Tens to be had from Ian Hodgson and Jon Brooks by clicking here; and things of commemorative beauty on offer from Julian House and Mark Pilkington here.

So there you have it: loved, listed and now limping into human memory: 2009 – may we never see the like again. See you all in 2010.

The above image: ‘Janus: Potato Shaped Moon of Saturn’, courtesy of Astronomy Picture of the Day, first posted on November the seventh, two thousand and uh...six. A very happy New Year to everyone.

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