Thursday, 3 September 2009

The How Not To Cookbook

Word reaches me from my old friend Aleksandra Mir that her latest publication, The How Not To Cookbook: Lessons Learned the Hard Way, is now available. Containing 1,000 entries, offering really useful information on what not to do in and around the kitchen, this is available either as a free PDF download or as a limited edition volume, which you can order directly from Jenny Richards at the Collective Gallery in Edinburgh – but it’ll cost you.

I’ve worked with Aleksandra in the past, most notably supplying catalogue texts for her 2006 exhibition Switzerland and Other Islands, and the 2008 calendar Gravity: The Eternal Countdown, so it was a real pleasure to contribute something to her dangerously useful cookbook. All the entries are listed anonymously so it would be churlish for me to point out which warning to the curious is mine – suffice to say that it was a less than life-enhancing experience. There is talk of further expanded and revised editions, so more on this as it comes up. Bon appetit.

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