Saturday, 29 August 2009

The Inverness Waterstone’s Must Be Destroyed

I’m in receipt of a postcard from Mr Ross McFarlane of the Wellcome Library: ‘A short note from the Highlands: spotted on the “Staff Recommendations” shelf in the Waterstone’s in Inverness – “Destroy All Monsters”.’

My sincere thanks are due to both Mr McFarlane and to the unnamed staff member who did me the kindness of recommending my first book to the people of Inverness. Destroy All Monsters certainly seems to have found some discerning friends north of the border. Unfortunately, Mr McFarlane doesn’t specify whether it was the Waterstone’s on Inverness High Street or the one in Eastgate Shopping Centre that is responsible for promoting the title. We therefore have no choice but to call in an airstrike on both targets. Sorry about that.

Image of Destroy All Monsters in the stack, courtesy of Emile Zile of Eurodisney.Biz.

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