Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Return To The Labyrinth

This is inform you that, due to changes in the timetable for the summer term, I will not be giving any more of my Wednesday afternoon lectures in RLS1100. I shall, however, be continuing my researches deep within the Labyrinth, so please feel free to contact me directly via email. I will soon be setting up a Critical Context wiki for all students to contribute further insights and information related to themes covered in the series – plus a few subjects we never got around to – so watch out for more details showing up in your inboxes very soon.

In the meantime the above image comes courtesy of Olaf Ardnt and Janneke Schönenbach of BBM. It was taken on a recent visit to Cyprus and are in response to a long conversation I had with them in Berlin about the relationship between labyrinths, simulation and behaviourism with particular reference to training and discipline. Expect more on this too in the near future.

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