Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Requiem for the Network: Martha Says It's OK

This small gallery of images taken under conditions of the utmost secrecy shows some of the various stages in the mapping of 'Requiem for the Network: Six Degrees of Devastation' as revealed in Rathna Ramanathan's working prints. It gives some small idea of the complex network of connections Rathna was creating from my original text. Enjoy them while you can - they may have to come down at any moment. Martha Stewart didn't really say it was OK for me to show these, but she then hasn't said I couldn't do it either. In matters of the strictest security, it's often a good idea to keep silent and let others interpret your intentions for you. This is the sort of lesson only a spell in jail can teach you. Thanks, Martha. You're bigger than all of us.

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