Saturday, 6 September 2008

The Horse Hospital's Fifteenth Birthday Party

On the night of September 5 the Horse Hospital threw caution to the wind and celebrated a decade and a half of upsetting the apple cart, polluting the main stream and providing a welcoming home for the good, the bad and the very necessary. Kitty Keen caught a little of the occasion on her camera. From top to bottom for your pleasure: me giving a short reading from a dramatically lit stage area, Martin McCarrick performing on his new harmonium, plus man of the hour Roger K Burton apparently attacking the official Horse Hospital birthday cake with what seems to be an acetylene welding torch.

Those also in attendance at a packed and bustling event included Dave Knight, who played an amazing short set of seething controlled feedback, photographer Ruth Bayer, who seemed to be absolutely everywhere at once, the majestic Karl Blake and violinist Kimberlee McCarrick, who is currently nursing a damaged tendon in her little finger. Filmmaker Nicholas Abrahams miraculously materialized just after the cake was cut. There was really nowhere else to be.

For more information on the last fifteen years at the Horse Hospital and for signs of what is to come, visit

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